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Atma-Prema 108 Mala Necklace

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Our handmade Atka-Prema Mala Necklace is part of our artisan Guru Jewels collection. Traditionally used in meditation and prayer, our Atma-Prema mala necklace can also be worn to remind you to love yourself and others in a profound way, our love loses its boundaries and becomes unconditional.

Handmade with rose quartz and amethyst and an a beautiful flower of life charm.

The word Atma-Prema in Sanskrit means unconditional self-love this mala brings us to the essential self, the self that exists at the center of all of us.

It enhances self and universal love, compassion and transformation.

  • Rose quartz and amethyst
  • 108 bead count 
  • Flower of life charm 
  • Handmade