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Guru Meditation Kit

Guru Meditation Kit

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This kit includes: 1 Palo Santo, 2 Mayan Copal incense, 1 small branch of dried Rosemary for purification.

Palo Santo:

A magical aromatic, woody smell hinting of lemon, it has the ability to bring peace, calm and clarity to a situation or place. It’s considered a deeply sacred and spiritual tree which possesses a cleansing energy and healing properties. Burning the sticks brings in positivity while dispersing negativity.

Mayan Copal Incense:

Copal is used as a mediator between heaven and earth, spirit and matter, the living and nonliving, link of union between mankind and our mother father creator, the element that transports our prayers to the divine dimensions.

Our Copal incense sticks are first hand-rolled and then dipped in copal resin crystals. The Mexican copal resin used for the fabrication is one of the purest it delivers a pungent and penetrating smell and a clean white smoke.

The white smoke of copal represents a god protector, who has an infinity of magical resources. This white smoke is also known as "Iztacteteo", the white god/s. And when the smoke is spread throughout your home, business, or sacred ceremony, you're calling upon these gods to make themselves present in our environment.

Copal Incense Stick dimension is approximately 13 cm to 14 cm long.