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Ways to Wear

The Wild Guru Wraps are the most versatile pants on the planet. And for a good reason. You can wear them in a number of ways, making them perfect for any occasion. Look good, feel good, and do good.

1. Original Style

The style that started it all.  You can wear them low or high on the hips. Depending on what you like. The soft fabric falls to contour your body and flows with your movements. The open leg bottoms compliment any style of shoes from beach flip flops to something more dressy. 

2. Harem Style

The harem style gives you a bit more control over the flow of the pants. Perfect for windy days. Tie the bottom of each pant leg just above the ankle to get the look. Also a great option for size adjustment if the pants are too long on you. 

3. Active Fit / Capri Style

The active/capri style is perfect for getting your fit on. To avoid ripping and allow for a full range of motion, wear high on the waist to bring the inseam as high as possible. Then tie each pant leg just below or above the knee to get the look. Perfect for yoga practice.

4. Pareo Beach Skirt Style

Need some cover from the sun at the beach? Hold both the front and back sides of the pants together and tie the pants around your waist using the straps. 

5.Full Back Pareo Style

Need even more protection from the sun?  Hold both the front and back sides of the pants together then bring each strap under your arms and tie the straps behind your neck.

6. Romper Cover Up


Can your pants do this? Now they can.  Romper style. Grab the two strings from the front flap and tie them behind your neck. Then take the back flap straps and bring them between your legs from front to back. Then take the straps and bring them around your waist and tie them in the front.  Be sure to extend the front flap back around your legs to get the most coverage. Pants and rompers combined. 

7. Halter Top


 Hold both the front and back sides of the pants together and tie the pant straps around your neck then flip the leg portion in once so you can get a straight line above your bellybutton then wrap it around you waist and secure with a double knot. 

8. Crossed Long Top 

Hold both the front and back sides of the pants together to locate the center seam. Flip the pant print side out following the center seam to get an undivided piece of fabric. Once you have the undivided fold, gather straps on each side. Place the wrap from behind and crossed straps in front. Tie around the neck and adjust.