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Our Story: 

The Wild Guru’s story is one of adventure and travel.  It’s as much the story of The Wild Guru as it is the story of it’s founder Micku. Micku’s adventurous path is unlike any other. Born and raised in Venezuela, she became a pro downhill skateboarder in the US and was sponsored by brands like Bustin Boards to compete around the globe.  Her travels exposed her to the richness of cultures and fueled her love of wander.  In 2016, after having been traveling in Asia for over 3 years, she decided to blend the abundance of color found Asian fabrics with the need of a versatile article of clothing that could be adaptable and flexible when traveling around the world.  Our of this, the Guru Wraps were born.  A multi-wear, multi-size pant that has the beauty of asian patterns and colors while being versatile and extremely comfortable.  She launched The Wild Guru in 2017 and the rest is…not yet history! The Wild Guru is still growing and there’s much more to come!

Micku Murgolo doing Aerial Yoga in Guru Wraps


Our Mission: 

The Wild Guru’s mission is centered around the love of travel and spiritual wellness. Our focus is to create the most beautiful pants that are versatile enough to be a part of a person’s yoga or meditation practice or while exploring the markets in unexplored lands.