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3 Top Secret Travel Hacks

3 Top Secret Travel Hacks

Are you planning on doing some serious traveling this year? Whether you're looking to do some solo travels or going with some friends, it's always great to make your travels as smooth as possible. Here are my go-to travels hacks that not only will save you TONS of time and money, but also keep you safe. 

Hack #1: Depart from Arrivals

Yes, you read that heading correct. This hack is one that will save you time and keep you stress free. We all know that we need to be at the airport at least a couple of hours before departure and since you're not the only one that's flying (unless you have a private jet in which case these hacks are no good for you) so you'll most likely encounter some traffic heading to the departure terminal. Well, if the airport is designed with the arrivals underneath the departures terminal, all you have to do is get dropped off at the arrivals and take the escalators up to the departures hall. You'll skip the traffic and you'll start your journey stress free.

Hack #2: Free Car Rental Insurance

Renting a car can be a great way to do some solo explorations during your holidays. But, it can come at a cost. Rates for rental cars are advertised to get you in the door then they hit you with a flurry of fees and add-ons that make you think twice about renting the car. But, don't worry, this hack is true money saver. Most credit-cards have member benefits that you probably weren't aware of. One of those benefits is car-rental insurance. That's right, you're credit card can actually do something positive for you besides take all your money in interest. To confirm, call your credit-card company and ask them about card holder benefits that they offer with the card. Specifically, the car rental insurance benefit. There will probably be some restrictions like no coverage for exotic cars or making claims within 45 days, etc. Either way, the benefits are there for you to use. So next time you need to rent a car, skip the add-on insurance from the rental company, call your credit-card company and confirm the insurance benefit. You'll save tons of money. 

Hack #3: Drive Like a Local

Once you have that awesome gas-friendly economy rental, you'll need to make sure you don't stand out like a tourist. If you're in an unknown place you might want to take precautions to protect yourself and your credit-card insured rental.  One of the ways I make my rental look like a local's car is by hanging a few malas on my rear-view mirror and fitting t-shirts over the passenger and driver seats to make them look really local. The more local that you make your car look, the less it will stand out as a rental.

And there you go Gurus. Use these hacks on your trips and enjoy your awesome travels!