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5 Must Have Crystals to Start your Spiritual Journey

The crystals we chose are based on their use, their effectiveness, price and accessibility. Remember, minerals are a gift from mother earth and we highly recommend sticking to natural non-dyed crystals to enhance their natural abilities.

Clear Quartz

This extraordinary crystal is very easy to find and serves as an amplifier. Being clear, it infuses all the different colors of the rainbow so you can use it for anything!  

Clear quartz can be use as substitute if you are missing a crystal and can help you:

-       Balance emotions

-       Improve physical stamina

-       Obtain clarity and think positively

-       Gain energy (great for older pets)

-       Bring your body back into balance

Tiger’s Eye

Our favorite, so we’ll show this crystal a little extra love!              ( ***don’t forget to read the appendix to find out how you can help)

Tiger’s Eye comes most commonly in a golden color. This awesome crystal is very special because it acts as a mirror, it deflects unwanted energy and it allows high vibration energy to come in without retaining or absorbing the low vibration ones.

Tiger’s Eye are great for:

-       Protection

-       Empowerment

-       Promoting success in your life

-       Regulating digestive system 


Super powerful! This crystal is amazing for purifying and cleaning other crystals. It is great for:

-       4th eye opening

-       Helps you connect with your spiritual self

-       For cleansing: physical, emotional, mental or spiritual


 An all healer! Great for opening your spiritual path. It is important to clean this crystal every time you use this because it acts as a sponge and keeps unwanted energies inside. It helps with:

-       Keeping your balance

-       Opening you crown chakra

-       Relaxing

-       Insomnia

Rose Quartz

The crystal of giving! It has a gentle nurturing energy and it helps with:

-       Replacing negative emotions with good ones

-       Calming and reassuring

-       Promotes bonding and love



Tigers and their wild cat families need our help as well! If you own a Tiger’s Eye crystal take some time to send wild cats and their habitats golden light.

Grid set up:

Step 1: set tiger’s eye crystal in the center of the room along with a picture of any wild cat you would like to send your positive light (tigers, lions, pumas, leopards, etc)

Step 2: place some clear quarts pointing outwards to send the energy out

Step 3: add any of these extra crystals:

              Jade: For human compassion

             Moss agate: to protect wild cats habitats

             Unakite: animal breeding

Visualize the light and manifest all your love out to these amazing creatures.

One love 

The Wild Guru