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5 Purr-e Healing Powers

The Wild Guru Healer #1:

Guru AKA Bandido

known for stealing invoices and loud purrs 

The Wild Guru Healer #2:

Mars AKA Barry Gong

Known for his olympic jumps and warm door greetings

As you guys might have already noticed, we are crazy cat people here at The Wild Guru! A few weeks ago we found little Guru in the middle of the road, lost and visibly shaken. The happy part of this story is that he is now safe, super happy, and part of The Wild Guru team. 

Guru is about one month old and purrs like a freight train. No matter how many hours we spend working, Guru (and Mars) make it all better. They truly manage to keep us all happy and stress-free around the office. 

We went a little deeper into our curiosity and we found that a study by Elizabeth von Muggenthaler (a bio-acoustics specialist at Fauna Communications Research Institute in North Carolina), showed that the sound of a cat’s purr is within the frequency range of 25 to 40 cycles per second or Hertz(Hz).  Exposure to 20 to 50 Hz frequencies has been demonstrated to increases bone density, relieve pain, and even heal muscles.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 powers of cat purrs:

1- Reduce stress and anxiety 

2- Helps bones and wounds heal faster

3- Cures the blues whenever you are down

4- Calms and relaxes 

5- Improves sleeping habits

Cats are amazing, Aren't they? Now, go hug your cat <3

Find out more on Elizabeth's research here