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A practice of colors, What color balances your Chi and practice?

Colors are powerful and transmit healing energy to our bodies and minds. Colors connect you to nature and can also inspire you. But just like there are different colors, there are different personalities and each evokes different energies.

Everything that surrounds us is covered in colors, but we don’t really think about the importance of them and how they affect our energy, emotions and even memories.

We dedicate many hours per week to our practice therefore we are constantly flowing through our asanas and meditation looking at our mats. The color of your yoga mat along with the color of your surroundings play an important part in balancing and bringing together the energy that will set the mood of your practice. Just like Chakras vibrate at a particular frequency and respond to different vibrations (or wavelengths) of light each color contains information on several different levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Which color speaks to you?

ॐ Red: Energetic, vibrant and passionate

Chakra: Root – Survival + Grounding.

ॐ Orange: balanced, warm, and enthusiastic

Chakra: Sacral – Relationships + Sexuality.

ॐ Yellow:  joyous, happiness, and hopeful

Chakra: Solar Plexus – Personal Power + Growth.

ॐ Green: natural, youthful, and intelligent

Chakra: Heart – Unconditional Love for the Self + Others- integration

ॐ Blue: tranquil, calm, and steady

Chakra: Throat – Communication.

ॐ Purple: creative, artistic, + spiritual

Chakra: Third Eye/Brow – Intuition, Clarity, + Consciousness.

ॐ Pink: sweet, romantic, and idealistic

ॐ White: pure, peaceful and gentle

Chakra: Crown – Pure Consciousness.

ॐ Black: powerful, effortlessly stylish, and deep 

Find the color that makes you feel vibrant and more powerful.

Happy Practice ॐ