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DIY Natural Yoga Mat Wash. Simple and Effective.

How many of us just roll up our mats and stash them away after every practice? Most of the time our colorful yoga mats look perfectly clean when in reality they are layered with germs, sweat, and dirt. We know it sounds yucky, but It's extremely important to wipe clean our mats every time after we're done with our practice. Spraying it with just water won’t do the trick as we need anti-bacterial agents to make sure it is fully clean which is why we are sharing with you this natural and soothing cleaning mix!

You will need:

1 bottle (preferably with a spray cap for easy use)

1 cup of distilled water

8 drops of Eucalyptus or tea tree essential oil (these oils have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties)

8 drops of lavender or sweet orange essential oil

¼ cup of vinegar

Mix all ingredients into the bottle, Shake well and Voila!

Be sure to shake well before each use. Use a damp towel to clean both sides of your mat and let it dry before rolling it. The vinegar smell will disappear once the mat is fully dry.

Bonus tip: You can also use this blend to spray on your mattress, couch, and pillows once a week to sterilize and clean.

So fresh. So clean. <3