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How to Prepare for Headstands

We are excited to share with you our next tutorial video in collaboration with our friends from The Yogarden.

In this beginner’s guide video you will learn how to prepare for headstands along with some useful tips to accomplish a proper inversion.

1. Start by kneeling on your mat, clasp your elbows to measure the distance you should keep for your foundation.

2. Keeping your elbow distance, go ahead and place your forearms on your mat, sliding palms out to form a triangular shape with your arms.

3. Interlock your fingers to create a pocket.

4. Rest the back of your head against the hand pocket, pressing the crown down into your mat.

5. Adjust as you find the most stable position of your head and make sure you maintain the distance of your shoulders and elbows.

6. Now, straighten your legs and begin to walk your feet until your hips are directly above your shoulders.

7. You can remain in this inversion for as long as you want to continue with the headstand.

8. One at a time, bend knees towards your belly.

9. Slowly extend your legs and readjust your body to be aligned ( shoulders, hips, and legs should be all lined up). Make sure your core is fully engage and breathe.

Have fun and enjoy the change of perspective!

*please consult your doctor if you have any medical or physical conditions that might prevent you from doing these yoga poses