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Time to Find Out What's in the Stars for You This Month!

July is here and so is our brand new horoscope. We’ve collaborated with our awesome friend Astro Maji to bring you gurus a very special monthly horoscope for The Wild Guru. Be sure to join our newsletter to receive the monthly horoscope, insider only-discounts, updates about and more! 

*Horoscopes are based upon rising signs, so read both sun sign and ascendants for the most accurate information!


Aries will tend to gravitate towards taking a much needed breather and rejuvenate while looking inward this month.  Family drama may be put on the back burner, as soothing the soul will be front and center, and anything that may regress you into a funk will not be welcome in your sacred space.  The full moon of July 9 will catapult you into popularity and may bring a business proposal or career matter front and center. You may be thrust into the spotlight in your career, so be on your best behavior this month.  You may feel like throwing your bathing suit on and escaping the office at the end of the month, as things will feel dull and dreary in the work space. Take a walk around the block and listen to some fun music while picturing yourself in Bora Bora. Love could strike when you least expect it with a person who may seem rather familiar to you.  If you are already coupled, go to an art show and bond over a Bellini!


There may be a restlessness to Taurus this month, as there may be some events or people who need your help and cooperation and it may be hard to get away. Perhaps it’s a good time to immerse yourself in a novel or new Netflix series to activate your imagination. Resist the urge to veg and watch TV all day, or you will see the comfort pounds pack on.  Take walks in nature to decompress and clear your mind.  Money matters seem positive this month, as you seem to attract gifts and investments pay off. Romance may take a back seat to a hectic lifestyle as you adapt to sweeping changes.  Keep your eye on the prize, and daydream about foreign shores if you are not able to get there this month.  Be careful with family and in-laws, you may not see eye to eye on July 4th weekend and create fireworks of your own.


Think luxury and abundance this month, Gemini.  You work hard and want to show off your accomplishments, and there is nothing wrong with that, but make sure people around you want to see you winning. Be a bit discerning with who you share your success with. You may be obsessed with obtaining status and power with the full moon on the 9th.  Think carefully before you make a power play. There may be more than one contract to choose from, and you want to make sure to study the best option before acting. Whether you will be learning new methods or switching jobs, there will be shifts from the end of July on. You will be a magnetic force to be reckoned with if looking for new love, and peaceful if coupled up, so it’s a win-win this July, dear Gemini.


This July will be all about you, dear Cancer!  It’s your season, and you will take advantage of it with a smile on your face.  Your spirit will receive a boost from the sun, and you will be projecting warmth to all you come into contact with, with the exception of anyone trying to take your place in the spotlight!  Your ego will not agree with that notion, so there could be some heightened moments, but they will not last. You will deepen your commitments and there will be news of births and deaths alike, which began during the new moon in Cancer in late June. Some couples will be releasing the negative and bonding further, as others may split and look for different horizons. Either way, change will come and herald the opportunity of fresh starts and new beginnings. Others may opt to bring a mediator in the mix if there are issues that cannot be easily resolved. Money matters will have importance this month, as you will want to get your ducks in a row. Some may also sacrifice their own happiness for their children or significant others.  Try to pick an option where everyone wins. 


The lion will be in hibernation as the month begins.  Leo’s have been put through a very busy time, and they will need to rest up for the coming birthday season, as everyone knows their birthdays are the holiest holidays of the year, and celebrations can last for weeks or months, depending upon how many doting fans want to pamper them during their birthday month. However, the baggage of the past needs to be released for the lovable lion to enjoy themselves, so meditation and rest is needed before the party begins. The lion will be concerned with their looks and figure, as they wouldn’t dream of looking bad in their birthday outfits. Leo’s never stop thinking of a way to climb the corporate and social ladder, so there could be accolades and opportunities in the workplace. Those Leo mothers and fathers will also be extremely busy with activities this summer, as that job is also super important to the fiercely protective leaders of the pack. 


This month will be all about connections and discernment.  Virgo’s may feel a bit disconnected from certain people they have outgrown and choose to venture out into new groups and explore like-minded subjects. There is a sense of boredom when speaking about the same old places and things, and change is much needed this month, dear Virgo. The July 9th full moon could bring new love with someone stable and consistent, fun with kids and fur-kids, and a chance to let your inner child shine through and giggle at the little things.  Enjoy some light-hearted banter while looking at the sunrise or sunset and affirm that life is beautiful. Projects at work with increase in the coming weeks, and there won’t be time for fun, so enjoy it while it lasts. When opportunity arises to give something new a chance, don’t say no.  Go for it!


Most Libra’s will be faced with lots of responsibility this month, from solidifying career prospects to saving money for a new venture, home, union, or child. No matter what area is affected, Jupiter is still in your sign until late October, and this gives you a few months to get your affairs in order before life changes and tides turn. Many Libras born after October 15 will be feeling very fearful or trapped in a situation with no end in sight, and may feel like crawling into the fetal position and disappearing, but understand that this happened in order for you to mature and face life with a new lens. The old ways of dealing with life’s curveballs will no longer apply, so put your big boy/big girl pants on and face another day head on. Family drama could rear its ugly head, but resist the urge to be pressured into something that could have long ranging negative implications for years on end. On the other hand, some Libras will be entering the happiest phase in their lives, in which case celebrations are in order, and possibly a vacation!


You will have a sense of spiritual awakening during July, dear Scorpio.  You won’t feel like making small talk, yet you will find it hard to talk to people about deep rooted feelings, so you may choose to get some rest and relaxation with those closest to you.  Work will pick up right after the full moon of July 9th.  Single Scorpios can find themselves in the throes of passion with suitors who may not be good for them, however it will be hard to resist a hot and heavy tryst.  However, beware of obsession and possession.  Go ahead and get it out of your system before Jupiter goes into your sign in October and solidifies your direction for the year.  Coupled Scorpios will feel that the intimacy has turned up and feel a camaraderie with their committed partners and a new understanding that being tied down isn’t always so bad. 


Sagittarians will feel like they are confronting their fears this year, and some will feel like withdrawing out of the spotlight to save their energy for another time. Have faith, and realize that life’s trials and tribulations happen for a reason. You will feel passionate about your convictions and ideals and may get into some heated debates to prove yourself right this month.  Pick your battles, as you may attract more flies with honey, as the old adage says. You may feel strangely attached to the past and visit places and people who remind you of the good old days.  There may be a few expensive purchases you will want to make this month, but make sure to not blow your budget on sentimental items vs. things that are actually needed, as you may be grasping to the familiar to feel better about this moody time period.


Caps will be all about peace, love, and learning as the month begins.  They will explore all things self-help and will want to better themselves as much as possible. If there have been conflicts with others, they could be smoothed out this month.  If, however, there are topics that have not have been discussed properly, things may come to a head this month. The full moon of July 9th may be extremely emotional, especially because it is in your sign, dear Capricorn.  When that happens, it is very hard to remain detached and unemotional.  We tend to feel empathic and absorb all the feelings of those around us.  There may be people in competition in the workplace, but your attention to important matters will get higher ups on your side.  Health will also come up this month, so eat well and get your exercise.


Home matters will be in the forefront of most Aquarian’s charts this month.  Decorating, redecorating, moving, painting, or landscaping may occupy your time. It will be good to start moving, as your physical health will also come to the forefront of your mind along with your routines.  Resist the urge to run yourself into pure exhaustion at the full moon on July 9th.  Make sure to rest and rejuvenate.  Prior to July 23, you will coast at work this month. Afterwards, there may be menial tasks that need to be handle. Love and romance will be sweet this month, with some really fun outings with good friends and family.  Enjoy it!


There will be many commitments this month, but mostly to work and love.  Although you may feel like resting on your laurels, that may not be possible for those striving to make a name for themselves.  However, there will be some very beautiful moments this month with good friends that will give you the feels, dear Pisces!  The full moon of July 9th will give you a feeling that all is well in the world, especially with the people you surround yourself with.  Romantic and business partners will allow open and honest communication all month, and this will feel really good. In fact, it may be time for a celebration of how great the year is shaping up, especially with your soul tribe. Teamwork makes the dream work!