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Wild Guru’s Playlist Must Haves for Zen’n Out

We’ve gathered together some of the most blissful sound gems recorded by some of our favorite musicians and artist around the world. Ranging from music that will spark your creativity to the healing beautiful sounds of the didgeridoo. Enjoy!

1.     AIKYO is a Granada based band that creates amazingly rich and soulful sounds using handpans, bells, a flute and and cello. 


-       Cajita de Musica

-       Recuerdos

2.     Carlos Nakai is a legend! His harmonious flute sounds will certainly transport you through a relaxing journey. Head to his website to learn more about this superb artist

-       Earth Spirit

3.     Francis Bebey was a musician, poet and writer. His music is powerful! Your ears will be listening to a blend of urban and psychedelic sounds that will keep you energized and happy.


-Forest Nativity

4.     Kanyana Didgeridoo is a creative duo that produces hypnotizing tribal jungle sounds mainly influenced by aboriginal, the natural environment, and even animal sounds, utilizing the didgeridoo as their main instrument. Check their tracks on


-El Hit

-Pulse Trees

5.     Arambolla has gone through some changes recently and they have added new members to their band. They just released a new album called “Depths of the Unknown”.  The original Arambolla project created an album called “Dreamland” that brought together the healing sounds of the handpan along with the kamancha and guitar. Be sure to check out the Davide Swarup collaboration productions as well, they are awesome!


The Bayan Tree (Dreamland Album)

Grace (Depths of the Unknown Album)

6.     Daniel Wapples is a renown handpan player. We had the chance to check out Daniel’s slaying the handpan in Beijing. Truly amazing! Daniel performs around the world to spread his creative sounds. Daniel does a lot of collabs with other talented artist as well be sure to check out his work at

You can access all his music online for free, but be sure to support Daniel’s independent career and donate right on his site.